Food and nutrition security remains the most fundamental challenges to human welfare and economic growth in Africa. Unfortunately, Africa is not on track to meet the food security and nutrition targets of Sustainable Development Goal 2. In order to help address this issue, a renewed focus is required to address Food and Nutrition Security. The younger generation plays an important role in facing the challenges on access, availability and use of food with more population growth, urbanisation, globalisation and climate change ahead. 

Youth voices are pivotal to ensure Food and Nutrition Security in Africa and this year 2022 is a remarkable year for Nutrition where the African Union will commemorate it through the annual landmark event “Africa Day for Food and Nutrition Security” to be held from 31st October to 1 November 2022.

To this effect, it is important to raise youth voices and value their work in this sector. The Youth Consortium, a coalition of individuals and organisations, is organising a side event on the topic, “Role of Youth as Human Capital Agents towards a Transformative & Resilient Agro-Food Systems in Africa” during the “Africa Day for Food and Nutrition Security (ADFNS)” to be scheduled on 31st October 2022. It would be great to choose and announce a youth champion during this side event in Food and Nutrition security in Africa. 

The Youth Consortium is pleased to launch a call for applications to identify, challenge and sustain a champion in Nutrition for this year, 2022.

Who should apply?

If you’re an early career professional or work along the value chains of Agro-Food Systems, under 35, with a record of engagement or expertise in Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Security, we highly encourage you to apply.

Eligibility criteria

Under the age of 35 years old,He or She has to be from one of the African Member States,Minimum two years of work experience in Agriculture, agro-food systems or related field, Carrying an innovative project in Agriculture, agro-food systems or related area to ADFNS that was implemented more than one year,Good communication skills in one of African Union official languages,Ability and availability to travel to Mauritius during the ADFNS event or to connect online,Indigenous people , women and people with disabilities are highly encouraged

Video Format and Upload

The maximum length of video is 3 minutesThe video orientation must in landscapeAll entries must either be submitted in English or French, if in another language, include English subtitles.There is no entry feeNo copyrighted materials (music, images, video clips, etc.) may be used for this contest unless you own the copyright or have a license to use the material for this contest. Written permission must be obtained and provided upon request for all copyrighted materials.

Questions to address in Your Video

What Questions To Answer in Your VideoWho are you and where you are fromHow does your work/activities relate to Nutrition and Food Security?What are you doing innovatively and sustainably to contribute to Nutrition and Food Security?

Video Upload Instructions

Participants MUST FIRST upload their video (3mins max)  on YouTubeShare the YouTube Link of the video to your Twitter feed and tag @YouthConsort before Tweeting using the official campaign hashtags: 

#TheYouthConsortium #YearofNutrition #Youth4Nutrition


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