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Training and Capacity Building

Our team of experienced trainers and facilitators can deliver training programs in a variety of areas, from crop and livestock production to financial management and marketing. We can customize our training programs to suit the specific needs of your organization or project, ensuring that you receive maximum value from our services.

Equipping farmers and agribusinesses, with the right knowledge and skills to succeed

Our training and capacity building services include:Training needs assessment: We work with you to identify the specific knowledge and skills gaps that need to be addressed to achieve your goals. Curriculum development: Our team develops customized training curricula and materials to meet your specific needs. Delivery of training: Our trainers and facilitators deliver high-quality training programs that are interactive and engaging, ensuring that participants receive the knowledge and skills they need to succeed. Monitoring and evaluation: We monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of our training programs, ensuring that they are delivering the desired outcomes and impact.

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What is the importance of training and capacity building in the agricultural sector

Training and capacity building are crucial for farmers and other actors in the agricultural value chain to acquire the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to succeed. By improving their skills and knowledge, farmers and agribusinesses can increase their productivity, profitability, and resilience to shocks.

What kinds of training and capacity building services do you offer?

Our training covers topics such as crop and livestock production, post-harvest management, marketing, financial management, and more. We also provide customized training programs based on the specific needs of our clients.

How long do your training programs last?

The length of our training programs varies depending on the specific needs of our clients and the topics covered. Some trainings may last for a few days, while others may be longer-term programs that last for several months.

Can you provide training services in rural areas?

Yes, we are committed to reaching farmers and other actors in the agricultural value chain in even the most remote areas. Our team can work with local partners to provide training services at a convenient location


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